Sorry we haven’t written, but it’s been a big year.

Yes, I know this is the first post in a long time, but it’s not like we’ve just been sitting around. We’ve been going flat out trying to keep up with demand, and just about managing. The brewery shop is still incredibly busy, and it’s lovely to see our favourite local pubs back open and thriving, even if we’re brewing like maniacs to provide them with beer!

A quick point about availability – All our blond core beers are available in bottle and minipin, as well as the IPA and Saison. I’m afraid the dark beers have been pushed aside for a while, as Whoosh and UPA dominate the brew schedule. Monnow best bitter will be back this weekend, however, and we’ve finally managed to squeeze in a brew of Triple S stout today, which will be available the second week of September. Still trying to find a slot for Ember, but we promise it’ll be soon! One consequence of things easing has been the popularity of casks and pins for home parties and weddings. Sorry to say that everything we have is now booked up for Bank Holiday weekend, and if you do want something larger for a party, PLEASE contact us as soon as possible as they’re being booked up as soon as we make them.

We’re sure you’ll be glad to see from the photos that we’re expanding our operation, with a new storage unit and cold room (very welcome earlier this year) and we’ve just had our new crown capper commissioned, which should speed production up quite a bit! Longer term, we have plans to expand the shop and get back into brewery based events, but that’s going to happen in the new year, as we have a lot of beer to make before then!

As always, we hope you’ve all come through this incredibly difficult couple of years healthy and happy, and we hope to see you at the brewery soon.

Take Care,

The Untapped Team