Brewery news, new lockdown, new beer, new job opportunity.

Well, as we all deal with the disappointment that the virus is still with us and the possibility of a further lockdown, we thought that we’d remind you that we’re here for all your beer needs. We’re still delivering all over South Wales personally, and we can, as always, courier cases and 5 L minipins anywhere in the country.

We’re managing to keep stocks (and our spirits) up, with Whoosh, UPA, Monnow, Sundown and Premium IPA all available, with Triple S, Premium Saison and the glorious return of Ember at the end of next week. And, finally, we’ve managed to squeeze in a brew of Premium Crystal (brewing behind me as we speak) that will be available for all you wheat beer fiends from the week of October 12th.

As we promised last time, we’ve brewed a special beer for everyone who’s supported us over this year. It’s called, appropriately, ‘Diolch’ and it’s a 4.4% pale made with organic barley and a pure Citra hop bill. It’s £25 a case and £20 a minipin. It’s not available in the shops, and not on the website. To get some (and it’s rapidly disappearing) you have to come to the brewery shop, or call us for delivery on 01291 690074. Due to very high demand, we’re doing one more brew of it, but that’ll be it!

Also, after being joined by Matt and Ed in August, we have another part time job available. It’s for 10-15 hours a week, principally helping us with bottling, labelling and our lovely customers. If you’re interested, please contact us on the above number or through the website contact form.

As ever, with things still very much in flux, you guys are keeping us, and our industry in general, going and helping make sure we’ll still be here whenever normal decides to reappear. So when we say ‘Diolch’, we really mean it!

We all hope you and yours are well, and bearing up in this difficult year.

Take care, stay safe,

The Untapped Team