Brewery news, more thanks and updates

We have to send another ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported us by buying online, by phone or safe shopping through the brewery shop. You’re making a huge difference in our chances of the brewery making it to the other side of this horrible time, and we really appreciate it!

As we’re sure you can imagine, having to run production whilst maintaining distance is a tad challenging, and does mean that we’ve temporarily run out of a few lines. We currently have no Triple S, Border or UPA in bottle, but we do have them in 5 litre mini pins. Triple s and UPA will be available back in bottle by the end of the week. Ember and Premium Crystal are out in every format, although in a break from the norm (and what isn’t right now) we’ve brewed a fresh batch of Ember and that will be back by the end of the month. Crystal will be back as soon as I can get the right ingredients to actually make it!

Courier deliveries are running a bit behind, partly because of the Easter break, but also because they are under huge pressure. If you have ordered online, we are getting your orders out as fast as we can, but please be patient. If there is a specific problem, we will contact you.

We hope that you’re all remaining healthy and well, and that we’re helping a tiny bit to make the lockdown easier.

Stay safe,

The Untapped Team