Brewery news and Thank You

First off, a massive ‘thank you!’ to everyone who has been supporting us by buying through the shop or online. It has made a huge difference and is keeping the brewery alive through this very difficult time. We’ll stay open and brewing to keep you provided with excellent beer at home, so please keep shopping! (Although single person bottling is no fun at all…)

We are running low on UPA and Triple S in bottle, but they’ll be back in numbers the week after next. We do, however, have nearly a full selection of 5 litre minipins that you can order through the shop now and (hopefully!) the website from next week.

We’ve established a routine of doing our local deliveries on Thursdays and Fridays, but we can usually courier to you next day if you’re desperate, and the brewery shop is open for safe shopping normal hours.

We hope all of you are coping and well, and as much as beer isn’t the answer, it does at least provide a welcome distraction and a little slice of normal.

Stay safe.

The Untapped Team