Casks, clubs and Christmas

Hello All,

Well, despite 2022’s best efforts to outdo 2020 in awfulness, we’re still here and still producing fabulous beer to soothe your soul and make it all better. As some of you have noticed (and judging by sales, quite a lot of you have) we’ve released a new beer this year – Barrique. A 5.8% amber ale aged for 3 months in Speyside whisky casks, and yes, it’s exactly as lovely as it sounds. Our second batch just hit the shelves in time for Christmas. We have about 1200 bottles and 40 minipins, and batch 3 won’t be ready until the February, so don’t delay, it’s going fast! We also have The Premium IPA and Saison available in bottle and minipin for Christmas, so you could get all of the Premium range for the festive sideboard, which should put a smile on anyone’s face…

In other news, we’ve just launched a beer club to meet any¬† Untapped brewery needs you might possibly have. There are 2 levels of membership – Core and Premium – in each you get 6 bottles of beer, wearable merch, a very funky pint glass and, crucially, access to exclusive online discounts and brewery events. For the events, we’re going to be holding brewery tap days, link ups with other producers and tour and tasting events, starting in the New Year when the worst of Winter is over. Perfect if you want to spend more time with us (and why wouldn’t you?) or as a Christmas present for the beer lover in your life. Just saying. You can find details under the ‘Store’ dropdown.

As ever, we’ll be open right through December up to and including Christmas Eve, and we’ll also be here between Christmas and New Year in case of sudden shortages! If you want to order online, we’d recommend ordering early if you can to ensure delivery and the widest selection of beers. We always run out of something by Christmas week!

Looking forward to giving you a warm welcome.

Take Care,