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The Range…

Our current range of ‘Core’ beers are listed below…

Our ‘Rare Range’ is listed below…..

Our whole range is available in bottle

All currently available… Contact us for cask availability…

Sundown Label


Gorgeous Golden Ale | 4.0% vol.   500ml

We use a blend of pale ale and crystal malts to give a depth of golden colour with a subtle distinct flavour. Goldings and Challenger hops lend a sweet aroma with a hint of spice, followed by a defined, dry yet mellow finish. Wonderfully refreshing – The perfect pint..!

Always available in Cask

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UPA Label


Perfected Pale Ale | 4.5% vol.   500ml

Designed to be a light Indian Pale Ale style. The light straw colour of this beer belies its full and citrus fruit driven flavours. Distinctly hoppy, with wonderful aromas from Styrian Goldings hops, the finish is perfectly balanced and satisfying. A huge hit with Untapped fans!

Organic version available too..!

Always available in Cask

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Wicked Wheat Beer | 6.0% vol.   500ml

An Untapped take on a classic beer. Traditionally strong, our wheat beer is triple filtered before bottling for a clean finish. Full to bursting with all the distinct flavours of this style, with a delicate hop texture and rich mouthfeel. To be enjoyed with or without yeast as you prefer! Best drunk super-chilled…!

Currently Available in Cask

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Welsh Best Bitter| 4.2% vol.   500ml

Traditional best bitter with a defined, rich mouthfeel, balanced with an almost sweetly hoppy nosted flavours. We use Northdown hops for both bitterness and aroma, which gives a clean counterpoint to the power of the malt and a balanced fruity finish. A fantastic all year round dark ale in the best traditional style.

Always available in cask

Note: Eclipse is no longer available. We have replaced it with the much better Monnow..!


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Ember Label


Winter Warming Ale | 5.2% vol.    500ml

Three kinds of roasted malt produce the fabulously rich, dark colour and strong textures of this beer. First Gold hops give a tang of zesty fruit, whilst Cascade hops give a sweetly nutty aroma. Hugely flavourful and mouth filling, this ticks all the boxes for lovers of strong, old style ale.

Seasonal Availalability

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Triple 'S'

Triple ‘S’

Simply Superb Stout | 4.9% vol.    500ml

A powerful mix of multiple malts give this stout its intense black colour and heady aromas. Amazingly rich, upfront flavours give way to a mellow yet luscious finish, with bags of long lasting hop character. A beautiful beer to refresh your soul at the end of the day.

Available in cask

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Awsome Amber Ale   3.8%   

A light, amber session bitter. Packed full of rounded flavours and fantastic hop character. It may be low in alcohol, but it sure packs a punch of flavour…!

 Cask only


Hoppy Summer Pale Ale  4.2%    500ml

Our seasonal hoppy pale ale. Packed with clean tropical flavours with a long clean hoppy refreshing finish….!

So good we’ve had to keep brewing this throughout the winter…!

Available in cask

Raglan Mild

Dark Mild  3.7%

Dark, delicious Mild… Full malty flavour with a long soft mouth feel that make sthis a great session beer…

Cask Only


The ‘Rare Range’

A Range of specialist brews… We’re producing some new and interesting brews using different recipes, brewing and conditioning techniques to produce some truly wonderful brews. Available in 660ml bottles and occasionally in cask…


Cool Fermented, Triple Hopped I.P.A. 6.5%    330ml

A modern take on a classic I.P.A. style. We combine a long slow fermentation with a blend of aromatic American hops and then dry hop on lees for even more flavour. This produces a beer that is rich, powerful and hugely complex and satisfying… Enjoy…

Available in cask


Welsh Saison      7.4%     330ml

Our take on the old style Saison (French Summer Beer). A massive mouthful of flavour. Unlike the traditional Saison, we filter ours to serve a clear beer with a slight haze….   Best served chilled on along hot summer day…

Available in cask