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New Year’s Resolution: Write more.


I know.

It’s been a while since my last post.

In the same way that it’s been a while since the last ice age.

Although, to be honest, anyone who knows my average time for completing an essay at Uni isn’t the least surprised by my ADD when it comes to the written word. I might actually still owe my old tutor something on Das Kapital from 1990 and I’m pretty sure he’s dead. So, I could apologise, but, let’s face it, I’m unlikely to change now.

Anyway, in my defence, Untapped has had a manic 6 months that…


You’ve reached global domination. Please Hold.

We’ve been here before.

I don’t mean this in a ‘past- lives-I-was-Ivan-the-Terrible,-you-know’ kind of way. But as a testament to our unbounded optimism in the face of situations where we should know better by now. At the very least, we should know not to use the phrase ‘How hard can it be?’. One of us should really remember that, every time we’ve uttered that phrase, it’s turned out to be monstrously harder than we thought.

So, what’s brought this on? Well mainly the battle to get our online shop going. This is not a reflection on our web guys at…

Beware the Were-Frink.

Right. So a small package arrives. Obviously not a bill, tax or beer duty return, so I open it. Inside are a couple of samples of a specialist beer yeast that I want to trial a new brew on. Nothing remarkable or comment worthy so far, but I find my face broadening into a look that is normally reserved for close encounters with Aston Martins and saying ‘Ooh, lovely!’

I think I’m turning into a lab geek. This is not good.

At this juncture, I should point out that Mart’s response to this was: ‘Turninginto a lab geek?’. Admittedly there…

Triple ‘S’

Triple ‘S’

Simply Superb Stout | 4.9% vol.

A powerful mix of multiple malts give this stout its intense black colour and heady aromas. Amazingly rich, upfront flavours give way to a mellow yet luscious finish, with bags of long lasting hop character. A beautiful beer to refresh your soul at the end of the day.



Perfected Pale Ale | 4.5% vol.

Designed to be an Indian Pale Ale style, the light straw colour of this beer belies its full and citrus fruit driven flavours. Distinctly hoppy, with wonderful aromas from Styrian Goldings hops, the finish is perfectly balanced and satisfying. A huge hit with Untapped fans!



Winter Warming Ale | 5.2% Vol

Three kinds of roasted malt produce the fabulously rich, dark colour and strong textures of this beer. First Gold hops give a tang of zesty fruit, whilst Cascade hops give a sweetly nutty aroma. Hugely flavourful and mouth filling, this ticks all the boxes for lovers of strong, old style ale.



Gorgeous Golden Ale | 4.0% vol.

We use a blend of pale ale and crystal malts to give a depth of golden colour with a subtle distinct flavour. Goldings and Challenger hops lend a sweet aroma with a hint of spice, followed by a defined, dry yet mellow finish. Wonderfully refreshing and our top seller!



Divine Dark Ale | 4.4% vol.

High colour crystal malt gives this beer a darkly red hue and rich roasted flavours. We use Northdown hops for both bitterness and aroma, which gives a clean counterpoint to the power of the malt and a balanced fruity finish. A fantastic all year round dark ale in the best traditional style.

Dashing through the snow. Not.

Not only is Christmas over and done with, but we’re also past the most depressing day of the year (according to… someone on a large grant, in all likelihood). So, it’s about time to face up to the fact that it’s 2011 and it’s not going away.

The festive season is always the busiest time of the year for the booze trade and this year was no exception. Even if the weather did its absolute best to derail us. We like to think we’re a fairly hardy lot – winter surfing (Mart), hill walking (me) – but this December really…