About the Untapped Brewing Co.

Our background

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Welcome to the Untapped website – Home of the (formally known as…) homeless brewers, Martyn and Owen! Why were we homeless? Well, when we decided to start our company, we had ideas, drive and initiative… but no brewery..

But that wasn’t going to stop us! So, with a bit of charm and cunning, we arranged to borrow someone else’s brewery (just their kit, the hard work is all down to us) until we are able to finance our own. You just can’t keep good brewers down!

So why did we want to do this? We’ve been friends for years – started off selling fine wine, whisky and beer to the great and good of Cardiff in the 90′s. We both moved on, but one day, with both of us looking to work for ourselves, we met and talked about how cool it would be to run our own brewery. We both have a ton of experience in the trade, have always wanted to make and sell something spectacular, and have a long standing passion for great beer – this was perfect!

Fermentation VesselsHopsOwen checkingBrew after mixing

Our company is based on a simple philosophy. Produce a range of top notch, hand made, home grown beers that refresh the wits and feed the soul. Or, to put it another way -

“Real Ale. True Quality.”

We started brewing our tasty beers around autumn 2009 and, thanks to our wonderfully loyal customers, have consistently punched above our weight ever since.

Having started with 2 beers – Sundown and Eclipse – we now have a core range of 9. They cross the spectrum from light, fruity and golden to deeply dark and delicious. With a few more eclectic styles covered in our ‘Rare Range’ You can get a full description of most of our beers on the ‘brews‘ page.

We have a passion for beers that surprise and delight, and are now developing the new Rare Range of specialist beers. We’re going to use different recipe, brewing and conditioning techniques to produce some truly wonderful brews (no more clues…!). They’ll only be available in limited quantities, so we’ll update facebook and twitter on their progress to make sure you don’t miss out!

Sit down. Feet up and drink.

Cheers! From Martyn & Owen.

Come & meet us…

We at Untapped support buying locally. You can find us some weekends at some of the Farmers Market’s throughout South Wales and we attend a number of other Food events & Beer Festivals throughout the year. We do manage to cover quite a large area between the two of us, so come and find us and try some of our tasty beers!

Owen at market

Find out where you can find us next weekend by checking our events calendar… which we’ll try & update!

Don’t forget, you can come to the brewery to buy our tasty brews… You’ll find us there Monday – Friday til five and Saturday from 10 – 2 … ish!